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Peeling coup d ' éclat

Soft peels use fruit acids such as glycolic acid that allow to give back a coup d ' éclat to your skin.
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Principles of mild peels (glycolic acid = AHA)

After you prepare the skin 10 days before with a cream fruit acid (glycolic acid = AHA), the physician cleanses the skin then applies the solution to glycolic acid on the face insisting on certain areas. This product allows an acceleration of the natural exfoliation of the skin which will react renewing more quickly. By removing dead surface skin cells, the peeling stimulates cellular activity and fibroblast and thus increase the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, for a better skin elasticity and smoothing of fine lines.

Effects of the mild peeling

Are the effects of the mild peeling:

  • Stimulation of the cells of the epidermis
  • Glow and homogenisation of the complexion
  • Sebum regulation and therefore improvement of the appearance of oily skin
  • Complementary to the action of cosmetics, it is advisable to continue the treatment with the use of creams of vitamin C.


As much for men as for women, this peeling is practiced outside any sun exposure on a good skin prepared. The main indications are:

  • oily skin with Acne
  • dilation of the pores and skin irregularities
  • improvement of the skin's texture

The meeting

The meeting lasts 20 minutes and consists of 3 phases:

  1. Gentle exfoliation of the skin
  2. Application of the scrub with brush
  3. Neutralization of the peeling

Felt sensations are those of a sudden passenger Sun with sensation of tingling, desquamation of the skin is possible from the 3rd or 4th day. Post peeling care involves the application of a moisturizer.

It is advisable to make 3 to 4 spaced peelings of 2 weeks for best results.


Tariff of the AHA peeling

Rates vary depending on the products used, it takes on average €120 TTC gentle peeling (with the included preparatrice cream).

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