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Beautification of the lips

Embellishment of the lips by injection of hyaluronic acid, under local anaesthesia if necessary.Plump and réourler lips in a natural way.
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Special lip hyaluronic acid

With age, the lips close gradually and dehydrate. The treatment to embellish lips is the injection of hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid allows to:
  1.  Shaping the contours of a mouth
  2.  Rehydrate the Red lip and increasing its volume
  3.  Correct the vertical wrinkles of the contour of the mouth
  4. Sublimate lips by increasing its ourlement

The treatment of lips

The injection is done without the fact of a numbing pain includes in Hyaluronan (Lips lidocaine).

Hyaluronic acid used for lips and Perioral area is specially designed for this zone mobile and flexible, in order to obtain lasting results.

We can redefine the hem and the contours of the lips, reassemble the philtrum (the fleshy area between the upper lip and nose) and Cupid's bow, rehydrate and plump, treat the labial commissures for a positive expression under the corners of the lips, and the correction of possible asymmetries.

The treatment of lips must respect an aesthetic balance between the heights of the upper lip and the lower lip and a withdrawal of the upper lip of 1 to 2 mm from the lower lip for a natural and harmonious result, which will last between 9 and 12 months.


The purpose is to obtain the most natural possible effect, without exaggerating on the volume of the lips. The goal is to get closer to the best harmony between the upper lip and the lower lip.

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