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Cryolipolysis, notice, results?

How do we ensure that this technique is suitable and effective?Coolsculpting and resultsThe bead frozen inside is a criterion of effectiveness, adipocytes are transformed into Crystal.
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How to be sure of the effectiveness of the meeting to cryolipolysis?

It is important to choose a doctor with experience of cryolipolysis. Indeed, many non-medical institutes are attracted by this lucrative but risky technique. Beyond the lack of effectiveness of devices used in some institutes of aesthetics, this cryolipolysis health risks if poorly used. There are contra-indications that only a doctor can detect. Here are a few rules:

(1) only a physician is authorized to practise cryolipolysis
(2) ask real pictures before/after
(3) make you that a clinical examination is performed before the session with a simple health questionnaire.
(4) make sure you follow-up at 3 months

What should we see at the end of the meeting to cryolipolysis?

The effectiveness of the medical meeting to cryolipolysis defines itself by obtaining a bead Induratum, frozen inside. Need massage this bead frozen to avoid having indurated areas that can last several weeks. It's frozen adipocytes which will be phased out over a one to two months.  Cryolipolysis notice


Here the bead frozen after the medical meeting to cryolipolysis:

bead cryolipolysis Crystal adipocytes


Cryolipolysis rates

Prices vary depending on used machines and treated areas. New machines are very effective and can process two areas at once in a session, and especially allow to have very good results. It takes on average €400 TTC meeting, price that decreases with the packages.

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