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The threads PDO

Collagenous induction by the threads in the DermIS
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Composition of yarns PDO

These are wires at base of PDO (polydioxanone) which naturally subside after stimulated fibroblasts and thus boosts the production of collagen for a rentension of the skin.

New lifting wires _ the PDO (LFL)

What are the indications of the PDO leads?

These wires are especially recommended for those wishing to find the elasticity of their skin. The results obtained on the face or body are natural and visible. This is a new minimally invasive technique that allows to avoid surgical procedures.

What are the areas that can be treated with the PDO wires?

The best indications of the PDO leads are all areas of skin sagging of the face, neck, décolleté, arms and body.

How are the PDO son posed?

The PDO leads are introduced by the doctor at the level of the skin in the Middle DermIS after a local anaesthetic by numbing cream.

What happens during the procedure of installation of the threads?

After locating the areas to be treated, the doctor chooses the threads PDO model best suits lay. Skin disinfection is performed on anesthetized by cream skin numbing. The doctor deposits under the skin wires as and in accordance with the treatment regimen.

What is c´est made in a local or general anaesthetic?

A simple local or truncal anesthesia is sufficient. Either with an Anaesthetic cream or with small injections of xylocaine local.

East – this qu´on feels the fingers laid wires?

Yes it is possible to feel to the touch the laid wires just after during a few days then the wires are invisible.

What effects can we expect and what duration?

effect lifting of varying duration but on average 1 year.

Can what areas be treated with this technique?

Mainly the areas of the face with a sagging skin as the jugal pleating, the cheeks, cheekbones, but also the neck, décolleté, arms, etc.

East – this qu´on can handle multiple parts of the body at the same time?

Yes, at the same meeting several areas can be treated at the same time.

Are there side effects or social eviction?

It is possible to areas of bites that disappear in a few days and can be camouflaged with light bruises or ecchymosis of Foundation. Few side effects. The contraindications are the same as for injections of hyaluronic acid.

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