Fillers are designed to restore volumes, correcting wrinkles. The flagship product is hyaluronic acid, constituting natural skin which tends to disappear with age.
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Depending on the part of the face you want to enhance, beautify or maintain, several technical and filling products exist. What are the selection criteria? What are the lifetimes of fillers? Is there risk? How are they injected?

(1) = natural skin molecule hyaluronic acid

Constituting natural skin, injectable hyaluronic acid is a molecule made from bacteria in the laboratory, the resulting molecule is identical to that we possess naturally and causes no allergic reaction. Our Organization into a factory of course but with age this production decreases. The goal of hyaluronic acid injections and fill this natural loss and allows either to reshape parts of the face (injections of lips, cheekbones injection, etc.) is to correct wrinkles, wrinkles, furrows or depressions in the face.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions
  • Is the injectable hyaluronic acid absorbable?
  • Hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable substance naturally present in the body, where its very good tolerance. The sustainability of the injections are based on cross-linking hyaluronic acid and patients (quality of skin, lifestyle…). Each injected product enjoys a traceability (given to the patient and noted in the medical record label).
  • At what age can you make an injection of hyaluronic acid?
  • There is no age limit for this type of treatment.
  • We can start from 30 to 35 years if the patient wants a Facial rejuvenation. Otherwise, it can be used on younger subjects, wishing an embellishment of the face (increase the volume of the lips, swelling of the cheekbones, etc.)
  • There it several hyaluronic acid?
  • There are different forms of more or less hyaluronic acid "thick" according to the areas to be treated and the wishes of the patient. The thickness of a hyaluronic acid is called cross-linking. More cross-linking is important more hyaluronic acid is thick and its effect will be Volumizer (to the cheekbones for example). Conversely, more its crosslinking is low less its effect will be dense and lowest life expectancy (for areas of the skin to rehydrate without giving volume). The main brands of hyaluronic acid are BELOTERO of MERZ, JUVEDERM, EMERVEL, FILORGA XHA3, RESTYLANE skin booster,

 (2) the Gel of Calcium or calcium hydroxyapatite (RADIESSE)

The radiesse is a product composed of calcium "ball" included in a carrier gel containing cellulose, glycerin and sterile water, completely soluble.

Once injected by cannula (without pain and without risk of hematoma) the carrier gel microspheres will be degraded by our Organization, then replaced by collagen, synthesized by our own cells (fibroblasts). The new formed tissue fixed spheres of calcium hydroxyapatite, which will end in a second time by be slowly degraded by macrophages of our immune system.
Its effect lasts from 12 to 18 months on average.

Injection techniques: needles or soft filling through cannula without pain and without breaking

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