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PlexR laser plasma

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Medical blepharoplasty is indicated for the treatment of droopy eyelids (lower and / or higher) or for the excess skin, skin releases.

It should be noted that there are many indications with the PLEXR are:

  • treatment of Xanthelasma (skin cholesterol drifts)
  • processing tasks type Maligna solar or senile (if shallow)
  • treatment lines wrinkles and the Crow
  • treatment of acne scars
  • treatment of hypertrophic scars (Keloids) post operative

Plexr is a handy ultra tool without electrical contact.

It allows to manage non-surgical everything that is in excess of skin in aesthetic indications.


An instrument at the service of aesthetic medicine for:

                  -Eliminate excess skin, skin lesions

                  -Treat wrinkles in the most difficult areas

A non-invasive method that does not damage tissues
The Plexr creates a plasma arc to sublimate the treated tissue.


                                      Sublimation is the transition from the solid state to the gaseous state.

Plasma is a very powerful energy modality which is characterized by a soup of ionized particles and electrons.

Without contact with the skin and without heat transfer


The Plexr processing is the superficial tissues.

The technique can be summarized in 3 steps

-A potential difference is created between the tip of the instrument and the fabric to be treated

-A rainbow appears and generates a plasma: the air is ionized.

-A large amount of heat is released by Joule effect and confined at the point of shooting.

The result is the sublimation of the superficial epithelial cells.


          -Safe method: without absorption or reflection of the plasma

-Act non-invasive and without incision

-Results without scar


               -Lifting of eyelids (non surgical blepharoplasty)

-Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles

Minilift facial

-Peri-ombilical facelift

-Acne treatment

-Removal of acne scars and other

Removal of warts, fibroids, benign tumors

-Removed dyskeratoses

-Removal of Xanthelasma

-Tattoo removal

PlexR results Dr. AMAT

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