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Life expectancy increases but the life expectancy in good health is deteriorating since 2006.Our food and our lifestyle (smoking, diet, physical inactivity...) are the main factors that we can change unlike our environment (air, water and food quality).
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Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, acid amino, essential fatty acids, food fibres are micronutrients. The Micronutrition it aims to bring the body necessary for cellular functioning micronutrients. Our body needs in small amounts, but their roles are essential! They keep us in good health to combat multiple headaches related to a dietary imbalance.

Our first drug is food (Hippocrates)

Power supply today is becoming increasingly poor in micronutrients, because culture methods (use of pesticides, insecticides), methods of extraction of food (refining), the methods of cooking (microwave, stir frying, water), conservation (preserves, ionization) destroys these micronutrients. Food in 30 years has changed radically and the wholesomeness of the foods are depleted.

A possible alternative is to take micro-nutritional supplements. But these supplements is not trivial. There are contraindications and precautions to be taken as certain associations can be dangerous, this is why supplementation should be done under medical supervision and specialized biological assessment prior.

Micronutrient needs vary according to people because our lifestyles are different from each other.

Many studies have indeed shown that a diet rich in micronutrients helps reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stroke), inflammatory, metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, Dyslipidemia), osteoporosis, and degenerative diseases of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other…).

The Micronutrition found its application in several medical specialties:

  • Cardiology in the prevention of cardiovascular disease who are the 1st cause of mortality in our industrialized countries,
  • Rheumatology in the prevention and treatment of degenerative,.
  • in diseases of the digestive tract (irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory disease, malabsorption, leaky-gut syndrome (permeable intestine))
  • in autoimmune diseases (diabetes, thyroid)
  • in prevention of aging by fighting against the attack of free radicals,
  • as well as in general medicine in taking in charge States of chronic fatigue, disturbances of sleep, mood, diffuse pain, drop immunity…


The Micronutrition enrolled in the National Health Nutrition programme launched in 2001, under the auspices of the Minister of health regarding the implementation of a nutrition policy as a priority of public health in France.
The seem and welfare took an important place in our society. Sometimes the age that we reflect is not in harmony with our felt. It is in this context that the aesthetic medicine is recommended. This is not to transform a face but to mitigate the physiological effects of aging which are very variable from one person to the next. The Micronutrition is complementary to this aesthetic medicine.

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