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Laser pulsed - light lamp Flash

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Difference between laser and pulsed light:

Lasers are very pure light sources because they emit a single wavelength, in one direction, to obtain a very intense light beam. This energy is created through excitation of atoms in an active environment. a resonant cavity between two mirrors increases the density of light thanks to the principle of stimulated emission.

A light flash, IPL or pulsed light emits several wavelengths (broad spectrum of light ranging from 300 to 1200 nm), beam is not consistent and therefore the energy issue for the target is far lower than the laser. Can be roughly compared to a big light bulb. It has been proposed as an alternative to laser sources because it is much less expensive to purchase. However its use is reserved to doctors, lamps flash at the beauticians are much less powerful, less controlled and therefore entail a potential risk of non-effectiveness see stimulate hair! 

Efficiency in sustainable hair removal?

Laser hair removal is the most studied by scientists, known for 30 years and enjoying an excellent reputation by its effectiveness and its minimal side effects: These lasers include Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, Diode lasers.

Publications on pulsed light hair removal recognize a certain efficiency, subject to good training of the physician, of compliance with the indications and contraindications, and to have a device subject to the standards of the medical. However, in view of the quantity of devices low-end market (not medical), the patient may have to pay a number of sessions result and worse thinning out his hair until you get a long white down on the so-called part depilated (due to lack of power of the appliance).

Don't believe ads!

  • There are always lasting epilation for white, red and blond hair apart from electrical epilation. Only Brown or black hair on all skin types can benefit from laser hair removal or by flash lamp.
  • Lure patients by an announcement as "laser hair removal", while the device used is a non-medical flash lamp so less powerful is prohibited and even more by non-physicians (illegal practice of Medicine).
  •  It often takes at least 5 sessions to get to make the removal of long-lasting, packages at the aestheticians go up to more than 8 meetings… often without results
  • Hair removal lasts an average of 5-6 years (depending on the area) and a few hairs can pushed back after this period.
  • A flash lamp cannot claim tweezers all phototypes (skins tanned to black must at all costs avoid this technique: significant risk of discoloration of the skin), similarly for Alexandrite lasers. Only diode and especially Nd – YAG lasers have excellent tolerance on all skin types. We use laser Mix technology that provides a link between two Alexandrite and Yag laser in one shot laser sources.
  • Hair removal IPL lamp Flash light pulsed among non-physicians is likely to lead to regrowth of hair called "forsake paradoxical" that it is more difficult to treat after even with a laser.
  • Training in terms of laser hair removal cannot be improvised, it takes a true medical training. That will make your beautician if burn? paradoxical regrowth? No assurance you will support in case of problems with a beautician.

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