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The principle of permanent laser hair removal

The principle of laser hair removal is as follows: light laser target and selectively destroyed area of the bulb, without destroying the other cells of the skin. The laser beam follows the hair thanks to its color (melamine that colors the hair shaft) and descends into the hair follicle to destroy the bulb and therefore destroy the hair by heating (approximately 60 °). This destruction is selective haired and is not detrimental to skin autour.

Permanent LASER hair removal therefore involves heating to destroy germ cells of hair and thus to prevent regrowth. We will use light energy from the LASER beam. This light is absorbed by melanin (the pigment that colors the hair) which are waterlogged the bulb and the matrix phase anagen hair that is in the growth phase.

We talk of selective photothermolysis.

Photo: laser is a high energy light. Set to a wavelength specifically absorbed by melanin, it targets the hair bulb where melanin is present in high concentration, which gives his dark haired.
Thermolysis: light energy absorbed by melanin is then converted into heat. The target cell temperature increases up to cell lysis. The bulb of the hair is destroyed.
Selective: only concentrated melanin cells will be destroyed, which explains that the treatment is safe for skin that has not been exposed to the Sun for a month. This process is painless and very effective.

The LASER hair removal cannot be effective on hairs in the growth phase; the procedure varies from one patient to the next depending on the amount of hair to eliminate but generally it is to shoot LASER in an area that has been previously shaved in order to cause a regrowth.

An efficient LASER shot will effectively create a red mark slightly edematous skin called erythema.

For whom?

Permanent hair removal laser is aimed both to women than to men. We strongly recommend to wait at the age of 19-20 years before making a laser hair removal. It is necessary that all hairs reach "maturity".


The skin must be prepared before hair removal laser. Avoid pluck the hairs with tweezers, pliers the wax or any other similar technique. The skin will be razed to the razor 2-3 days before the meeting.

The practitioner will adapt laser to your type of skin: the technique is not painful, without social eviction. A test area is made in general to determine how your skin reacts to the laser. Each person is different. 

4 to 8 sessions are recommended for long duration laser epilation, the number of meetings is determined by the practitioner according to the type of skin and hair color. RATES

Sessions spaced at least a month (it takes the hair regrowth, and not to epilate the wax or pliers tweezers between sessions).

This follicular peri edema is the clinical sign of the effectiveness of the treatment, it indicates that the root of the hair has transformed light into heat and thus destroyed germ cells, in order to leave no lesions or too painful phenomena on the skin the application of cold via the handpiece before firing LASER allows to limit the risk of the treated surface burns and allows to have less pain.

During a LASER hair removal session part of hair is phase anagen (20 to 30%), this part of hair can be destroyed by the meeting.

Other hairs (60 to 70%) are in the so-called phase telogen or phase catagen; during these two phases of their life cycle cells are dormant phase and contain no melanin, they react so not archery LASER during the meeting, it will be destroyed by the LASER at a future meeting.

The laser hair removal session is located in the Centre Laser Medical of St Dizier between Reims and Nancy near Châlons in champagne.

In summary:

-After the meeting the hairs fall within 10-15 days

-separation of at least 1 month sessions see 2 months after the first session.

-Permanent hair removal in 7-8 sessions

-difference with pulsed light or IPL?





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