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Androgenic alopecia (AAG)

90% of patients suffering from androgenic alopecia can benefit from the technique of micrografts, excellent indication for alopecia scarred, traumatic, accidental or post-surgery. Among women, this technique is also a good indication by allowing a natural collagen or a correction of the front line.


Less invasive than the traditional technique of the Strip, the "Follicular Unit Extraction" (EUF) does not use scalpel without scar in the sampling zone for fast sampling while enabling quality optimization plugins. An automatic device with a sharp punch Rotary and a patented aspiration system allow to obtain high quality implants FUE hair transplants.

This technique is used for the removal of the graft (follicular unit), each UF provides 1 to 5 hair. 500 grafts transplantation corresponds to 1000 hair on average.

Record 6 hair in a plugin
Record 6 hair in a plugin

Follicular unit sampling is made from a micro-punch of variable size depending on the quality of the follicular units (between 0.8 and 1.2 mm on average).

plugins 0.8 mm Dr AMAT
Picking with the NEOGRAFT automated FUE

This instrument allows by its edge sharp and circular, to isolate a follicular unit of all his skin and greasy ties.

device FUE neograft



The follicular units taken at the rear of the skull keep their properties during the implementation areas recipients (temporal gulfs, tonsure, etc).

This allows to have androgen-insensitive hair and therefore to androgenic alopecia.

Dr. amat fue

Aspect of the grafts before their resettlement by the FUE technique

Posted by Centre aesthetics on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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