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Alternative bio to capillary graft implants

Implanted under the skin, the new biological fibers replace hair and allow an immediate redensification. A pre test is carried out with 100 bio, whose color and appearance have been selected with the patient and the physician.
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Bio implants are implanted under local anesthesia and one by one into the scalp until you obtain the desired hair density.

The doctor and Patient decide together before the intervention to implant hair color, length, shape (smooth, curly, curly), their inclination and areas that require more hair to achieve the desired aesthetic effect.

Once the implementation is complete, the patient may resume its activities without any problems, with a full head of hair Biofibre, which will be difficult to distinguish from natural hair and styling is.


Clinical and histological studies carried out over a period of 2, 3 and 5 years attest that the hair artificial Biocompatibles own standards of quality and safety (biocompatibility, minimal inflammatory reaction, high resistance to chemical, physical and mechanical agents) which make them suitable for implantation. In addition, their particular reversible node allows, if necessary, to easily extract fiber without scarring.

The hair artificial Biocompatibles and Instruments of implementation of Medicap are CE-marked medical devices, as they meet the safety and effectiveness requirements laid down in Directive 93/42 / EEC.




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