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Excessive sweating - axillary hyperhidrosis

The treatment permanently eliminates 90% of sweat glands which are located under the arm. Once they have been removed, these glands do not regenerate and can no longer grow.
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At the level of the armpit sweating is almost always emotional. The disappearance of the glands in the armpits does not therefore affect thermoregulation of the body because they represent only 2% of the total of 4 millions of glands spread over the entire body. The body will not begin to sweat more profusely on other places for 'offset '.

After the meeting, the patient finds the immediate disappearance of perspiration and odors generated by perspiration in contact with the skin.

An iodine-starch test makes it easy to locate the most sensitive to the hydrohidrose places. To do this, the skin will be perfectly cleaned prior and dried. It will be coated with a solution of 20% of iodine-based alcoholic. After drying of the skin, apply starch. The latter reacts with iodine in the presence of water so perspiration and gives a blue color dark black instead of the drops of sweat.

After the meeting this test is done again to confirm the disappearance of the sweat glands.

The old techniques consisted of injection of botulinum toxin (effect 4 months) or surgery with postoperative risks such as particular nerve pain (60-80% of success).

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