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The doctor returned to treat skinfold thickness measurements. The computer calculates all the parameters of the meeting, including the suction power, cooling temperature to get, the required electric power, and the duration of the treatment. The applicator is placed on the region to deal with, after interposition of gel that will ensure good transmission of cold for any skin fold. Sucked in a progressive manner, the fat fold is sucked by exhibit hand where the cold will be generated. The suction is maintained and stabilized through permanent retroactive control from the intake circuit. Then the doctor activates the lipocryolyse system.


An APPLICATOR that combines:
• vacuum to capture the subcutaneous fat (sucker)
• the cryo-selective cooling of tissues (transducer)
is placed on the area to be treated and will suck the adipose fold to isolate it. Then, via the applicator – in minutes – the temperature will decrease controlled in the selected area (37 ° to about-5 °) without harming the tissues of the treated area (including no risk of necrosis or)
burning) and respecting the epidermis with an insulating membrane coated with a protective gel. This triggers a "apoptosis" of fat cells in a few days on the treated area.
No anesthesia is useful. The meeting is almost painless (voltage and then cooling sensation).
The result is natural and uniform, without irregularities if one has a good match between the size of the treatment area and the applicator.
Each treatment lasts on average 45 min for a zone. The session length is variable depending on the area to be treated. Between 1 h for the abdomen for 30-40 min for the inside of the thighs.

 From the end of the meeting, we can resume its activities.

After the treatment

Usually, it appears a redness and a stunning area, which can last two hours after the
Exceptionally, it may appear a slight bruise which subsides in a few days.
The patient can resume his normal activity, without hindrance, immediately after the meeting.
2 days after the meeting, appears an inflammation process, more or less marked according to patients, who reached his
maximum level about 15 days after the meeting.
This inflammation is a sign that the fat cells begin to "empty".
This allows the natural degradation of fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissues.
As a second step, the process known as 'phagocytosis' takes place: Caspase adipocytes (who have reacted to)
the lipocryolyse) will be absorbed and therefore destroyed by macrophage cells.
The final outcome of the meeting is observed after 60 days. The recommended protocol is to make 3 sessions spaced 3 months.

Results cryolipolysis

The assessment of results concerns the thickness of skin turgor, biological lipid, and patient satisfaction index.

The evaluation is clinical and extra-clinical, mainly using the comparative photos shots.

The final effectiveness of results is evaluated from the 2nd month. Snapshots are taken before and 3 months after the sessions.

(a) the measurement of skinfold thickness.

It is appreciated by a dual control: Clinic using the Strip skin, and ultrasound.

b) lipid

A blood check can be performed at J30, J0 and J45.

It includes the determination of the total cholesterol (in g/l), the LDL/HDL report, the determination of triglycerides (in g/l).

c) satisfaction index

With regard to improvement of the body contour, a satisfaction index is specified.

d) weight, BMI and abdominal perimeter measures

(e) comparative photos

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