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Laser hair removal

What are the terms of the Laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is final?
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Principle Laser hair removal

Light laser target and selectively destroys the area the bulb, without destroying the other cells of the skin. The laser beam follows the hair thanks to its color (melamine that colors the hair shaft) and descends into the hair follicle to destroy the bulb and therefore destroy the hair by heating (approximately 60 °). This destruction is selective haired and is not detrimental to skin autour.

Permanent LASER hair removal therefore involves heating to destroy germ cells of hair and thus to prevent regrowth. We will use light energy from the LASER beam. This light is absorbed by melanin (the pigment that colors the hair) which are waterlogged the bulb and the matrix phase anagen hair that is in the growth phase.

We talk of selective photothermolysis.

The Laser hair removal session

It is essential not to epilate the area to treat the clamp depilatory or wax at least 3 weeks before the meeting. Indeed, it takes just to shave the area to the razor 48 h prior to the meeting, unless it comes to sensitive areas such as the face or areas with down (to avoid any stimulation).

During the Laser hair removal session, the doctor adjusts the parameters of laser depending on the type of skin, the color of hair and the fineness of the hairs. The patient wears glasses or essential eye protection shells before every session. The skin is cooled by the use of cold contact. The sensation felt when firing laser is a coup of elastic quickly relieved by cold. After the meeting, it is normal to have redness for a few hours, we must moisturise for a few days.


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